Helpful Services

Motor Vehicle Certification Program:
MVCP is a buyer’s service that enables Credit Union members and their families to evaluate their car deal. Most autos can be bought through MVCP at $200 (or less) above factory invoice prices. The Motor Vehicle Certification Program is a no-charge consumer price protection service saving you time and money when purchasing a new or used vehicle.

  • Save money, time and effort.
  • Get pre-negotiated prices.
  • Receive up-to date rebates and incentives; Dealer Invoice; Estimated trade-in value.

Call (800) 345-0990 to speak directly with an Advisor or click here.

Blood Bank of Delmarva Group Membership
Provides unlimited blood supply anywhere for any reason  (nominal fee to join).

Western Union Quick Cash
Now available at your Credit Union – Faster than overnight mail and more convenient than a bank wire, Western Union Quick Cash is the ideal way for you to access funds in your credit union account, quickly and reliably. With Western Quick Cash your funds are sent from your credit union account to the Western Union Money Transfer Network.  The funds can be picked up within minutes at any of more than 28,000 Western Union agent locations in the U.S. and over 100 other countries. When using Quick Cash to obtain funds away from home, you don’t have to wait for a check to arrive, find a bank that will cash it, and then wait again for the check to clear. There is no substitute for the speed and convenience of Western Union Quick Cash in situations where you need money immediately for such expenses as vehicle repair, medical emergencies, travel and lodging or if you find yourself in unfortunate circumstances such as losing your wallet; facing unexpected expenses away from home; damaging or misplacing your ATM card; or reaching your bank card withdrawal limit. As a valued credit union member, Western Union Quick Cash is available to you to provide funds quickly and dependably. For more information, call the credit union.

Western Union Quick Cash Transfer fee::

  • Domestic (within the U.S.): $30.00 per transfer.
  • International up to $500: $40.00 per transfer.
  • International over $500: 2% of Principal Plus..$25.00 per transfer.

U.S. Savings Bond
We offer redemption of U.S. Savings Bonds.

Notary Public Services
There is no charge for this service.

Counseling Service
This is available to assist members in resolving their financial problems.

Theme Park Discount Tickets
Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland, Six Flags/Wild Safari, Hurricane Harbor-NJ, Six Flags Largo, Dorney Park, National Aquarium, Maryland Zoo, Philadelphia Zoo.

CARFAX is a recommended service that provides you with an instant vehicle history of a car before you buy.  How “used” is that used car?  Check out CARFAX to help you find out before you buy.

New Auto Buyer’s Guide
Two (2) guides available. One for U.S. autos and one for imports. These guides show all dealer costs and sticker prices of most automobiles for the current year.

NADA Used Car Guide
This guide has been available through your Credit Union.

Postage Stamps – Books of 20 stamps sold individually.